Lovin My Job

Welcome to Asbah Foods.  While you may not know us by our company name, you grew up loving our brands many of which have been your favorites for over 3 years.

We are Indian leading rice company and the nation’s largest provider of RICE/STAPLE FOODS & FRK products.  Our portfolio includes more than 15 products widely distributed in many countries around the world.

Asbah brands are well known for their quality and excellence and the company is committed to providing the most wholesome products on the market today, to leading Rice, Staple Foods & FRK industries in innovation, and to providing high-quality products you can be proud to serve your family.

Our global reach is an important factor in Asbah success.  As a wholly-owned subsidiary of DCP India Pvt. Ltd., the world leader of the rice sector, we take a world view of the Rice, Staple Foods & FRK business and draw upon the global resources of our parent company.

For a detailed look at our Rice, Staple Foods & FRK portfolio, click on this link – https://www.dcpindia.com


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